After disabled auto-update, application still connects to GitHub at startup (update/check plugins?)

Things I have tried

Search with Google.

What I’m trying to do

Minimize the number of Internet connections.


I disabled the Obsidian auto-update and it doesn’t connect to the network at startup. But when third-party plugins are installed, it’s different, I get connection requests at startup, about as many as plugins. I’m not competent enough to study the code, but I assume the plugins send version check requests separately from the main program? Is it possible to extend the option to disable update checking to plugins as well?

No, the update check will only run when you click the button in the settings.

Obsidian does check this file every 12 hours and at startup:
This file is used to check for community plugin versions that we know are malfunctioning badly or are malicious.

This is only one network connection.

Do you use any community plugins that could cause this?
What software are you using to check the network traffic, and can you see where the requests are going to?

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Okay, thank you, I think that explains it. I guess requests are only made when at least one third-party plugin is activated and I realized that the number of requests does not depend on the number of plugins, just that when blocked by the firewall Obsidian tries to reconnect several times.

I use a firewall, it says that connections go to, and sometimes to other * addresses.

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