Advice on "nested projects" or "subprojects" as content creation (releasing and marketing music)

I have still not settles on a workflow for my music releases and promotional work. Curious about your thoughts on this.

I have watched a lot of tutorials showing off creative processes tracked with for example the kanban plugin, where the creation process of a tutorial video might go through the the stages of writing, recording, editing and then release.

The writing and relessing of a song would go through a similar process. However then I want to keep making content around the song to market it. Like for example music videos and various promo videos related to that song. These subprojects can also go though similar processes just like the song itself.

So the question is. Should I create one master note for everything related to that song. Or should I have one note for the writing and release process of the song. And then new notes for each promo thing that I do but that is tagged with that particular song. I am considering workflow using kanban plugin, or the projects plugin or database folder plugin. I still have not seen a workflow that deals with this issue presented to me. Curious about your thoughts about how to deal with this.


I think one main note with links sounds pretty good.

What I liked about Notion before I gave it up, was that you could have a proper database, and it could use a template that had nested databases inside. So each link would show up as a row in a custom table, so each sub-group could be tracked with meta data. And any sub-tasks could still show up in your main tasks table.

You can mimic some of that in Obsidian.

All linked sub-tasks: Using dataview for example, here is a way that you can get all the tasks that are in any note that is linked from a particular note. And you could likely set that up as a song template, so that the note’s title would populate in that Dataview query.

WHERE contains(file.inlinks, [[This Particular Song Note]])
WHERE !completed

It would be kind of cool if you could have mini-embedded kanban boards in a note just to track the tasks of one particular track. I think there used to be a plugin to do that, or that was once what Kanban plugin was. I forget.

One reason I don’t track my music in Obsidian is because embedded mp3s don’t show their filename or title. I thought I had made a feature request for that, but I can’t find it. I could just write the title and timestamp and notes, but that small friction gave me pause, and I’m still using Trello for music. (One day I’ll figure some workarounds out and switch. And I’ll post that FR if I can’t find the original.)

Thank you for your advice using dataview. Haven’t used the file.inlinks feature yet. Will need to read it a couple of times

Curious about your workflow in Trello regarding this. Are you able to link songs to promo videos to that particular song in a good way? Have you come up with your workflow yourself or do you know of some tutorial on youtube demonstrating it?
Also, always curious about the work of fellow musicians. Where can I find your music?

I’m just a hobbyist. I haven’t done any promo. I only manage the production workflow in Trello. So no, honestly Trello likely isn’t the best for keeping coherent links to project files, promo, social media, gig management, and all the extra stuff. Though you do have the stream of activity. You can put notes in a card, but I’d look for something better.

The process I follow is based on Mike Monday. He had a “Music Explosion” challenge, and a course called The Leap. The workflow in Trello was more about the process of labelling, waiting, listening, and playing various production “games”, but the principles could be practised anywhere. He teaches/coaches music promo too, but I didn’t get into that.

I consider that sort of promotional activity as part of the main project, but I think either way can work.

I tried that dataview query now but I got no task at all. I assume it is going to give me all the tasks that are in that song note, but also all the tasks that are in the notes that are linked from that song note. Does that also mean linked in the properties? Regardless I put a few todo checkboxes in the main note but none showed up. Do you know how I can find what is wrong?

I think it is just tasks in linked files, not from the file itself.

I’m not strong enough in Dataview to give any more specific advice about how to include the actual note too. It was just a general idea about how you can dynamically find data.