Advice for PKM and easy aggregation for daily work notes across multiple projects

Hi, new user here. Trying to figure out a workflow for writing everything from work in a daily note and having some automation aggregate the linked information in a more atomic note about the specific topic. I oversee/am involved in several projects at work (too many) and will forget important information/to-dos if I don’t write them down. Currently, I take pretty much all my notes in my daily note. The bulk of them comes from meetings, which may get into the double digits in a single day. My template looks like this:



time tracking

misc to-do

misc notes


For a meeting I will typically do ## Meeting Name as the subheader within meetings, with any project or person linked in the name. Within those meeting notes, multiple projects may be referenced. Example:

Meeting 1

  • [[project 1]]
    • some notes
  • [[project 2]]
    • some notes

Separately, if there’s anything I want to include for long term documentation, I put that in the documentation section


  • [[topic 1]]
    • documentation on topic 1

For now, simply doing this is as good as any note taking app I’ve used, however I’d really like to leverage some of the more robust automations that are possible with Obsidian.

My imagined system: I would have a page for Project 1, and all of the information that’s linked to it (everything under a header directly linking to Project 1, or everything nested under a bullet linking to Project 1) automatically populates in the Project 1 note sorted, by newest to oldest and allowing me to click back to the original reference.

Similarly for documentation, I might have a folder called Documentation, and then notes for each topic underneath. Then anything linked to the topic under the documentation header in daily notes flows there automatically, again sorted by newest. This should not preclude adding additional notes to the atomic note.

So, does anyone have advice on how to achieve this? I’m aware of using dataview js queries, but I’m not sure if this is the best way to achieve what I’m trying to do, or if my goal is even the ideal way to structure my notes. Any advice is welcome! Thanks.

This is implemented through the backlinks functionality. These backlinks can be sorted by file name, by modified time or by created time. Backlinks can be displayed in the side pane, but if you prefer, backlinks can also be shown in the current note in the style of e.g. Logseq or Notion: enable this with the “Toggle backlinks in document” command. Thus, opening the “Project 1” note underneath will display all backlinks, and even include a section with Unlinked mentions, i.e., instances where you have included “Project 1” without linking.

For the rest, I think your approach is good: what you do is the linking, and then the information is auto-organized by Obsidian.

Didn’t realize the toggle backlinks in documents option existed. Man this app is great. Thanks!