Advice and Sharing Ideas for Using Obsidian as a Second Brain

Hello everyone,

I am a big fan of Obsidian and have been exploring ways to use it as a “second brain.” I am looking to implement the following features and would appreciate any guidance or suggestions:

  1. A browser plugin that automatically collects articles and converts them into a markdown format that’s more friendly for Obsidian.
  2. An auto-fill feature similar to Notion’s AI fields that could perform tasks like AI tagging and summarization.
  3. An in-Obsidian AI chat function, similar to RAG, that could utilize my collected knowledge base for conversations.
  4. Advanced learning tools, such as AI flashcards based on current documents.

While there are plugins that support some of these functions, I often find limitations or encounter issues with my setup. For example:

  • Most browser extensions I’ve tried are mostly supported via a local REST API or advanced URLs, which seem to cater mainly to desktop users and can be cumbersome to set up.
  • I’ve also tried using the Smart Connection plugin for AI functionalities, but it hasn’t been working properly and doesn’t fulfill some of my other AI-related tasks.

If anyone has better strategies for building a second brain with Obsidian, please share them. If not, I am eager to create one myself. I welcome any direct suggestions and will respond promptly to your feedback.

Thank you all for your help and I look forward to our collaborative improvements!

  1. )ReadwiseReader has an PLugin for Chorme to save articles and with Readwise Obsidian Plugin you’ll get the article imported to Obsidan in Markdown format

3.) Obsidian Plugin: Smart Second Brain for Local AI, Copilot, Samrt Connection to use Copilot via API