Advantages of Daily Notes

What I’m trying to do

I keep a daily journal on one page. You can see in the attached pic that it falls under a heading for each month. If I need to link something in another entry, I use the ^.

That said, I simply have a quick question; what are the advantages of having a separate note for each day instead?

Thanks a lot.

Here are two somewhat current threads discussing this topic:

To me it comes down to how much information do I want to gather in any given note, and how often am I likely to create new entries. On top of that there is also an issue on whether you do task handling within your daily notes, and as a followup to that how you gather/view your current task list.

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Thank you very much. It seems more people use a daily note rather than a single. I can see where, over time, a single note could be problematic. I appreciate the input and the references to the other posts.

To me the question became whether to use weekly notes and/or monthly summary notes and at what level to collect tasks. In my work vault I’m using weekly&daily notes, but in my personal vault I’m using daily notes, and collate tasks with a monthly clean up.

So play around a little, and see what feels natural. It’s not written in stone that you should keep using the system which seems correct today.

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