Advanced slides missing


Advanced slides plugin is missing from the plugin store. What’s going on ?

Plugin bug ? Plugin retired ?

Thanks for helping

This is the wrong forum section for this question, moved to help.

We had to remove the plugin temporarily because the developers have not reacted to our message about a policy violation.

Yes, but you are making my job as a teacher very difficult. My students (190) were supposed to install the plugin this week after one month learning Obsidian and markdown to make a slideshow without PowerPoint, and now, without warning, you remove access to the plugin.
Not nice at all.

I add that this sponsoring banner is displayed when the plugin is installed, the eyes of some users are quite fragile, I guess they do not need the plugin!

I would suggest you distribute a pre-built template vault with the necessary plugins installed as a zip file to your students. That would avoid the reliance on the plugin directory.

Of course, I thought about it, but they’ve been working in their vault for weeks, it would require copying and pasting, tinkering.
But that’s not the problem; the idea was to teach them how to produce slideshows differently, if Obsidian forces them to do some tinkering or to get stuck, they won’t use it.
By the way, next year, I will use MARP with VSCODIUM, I won’t have this kind of trouble.

No worries, I’m sure the issues with advanced slides will be resolved soon and we can have them back in the plugin repository.

I don’t think so, please take a look at this :

Just installing Obsidian from all my devices…

Hello there. Is there already an update on the reactivation of Advanced Slides… It seems like such an amazing and important addition to Obsidian.
Sad to read that the developer has such a hard time getting paid. If it works and I can install the plugin I am surely to contribute…
@Licat please sort out the internal problems with the Dev. It would help me and I think the Obsidian community a lot.

Kindly don’t tag the devs. It’s better to continue this discussion in this thread