Advanced Slide & Meta Data

If anybody interested.

I was looking for a way to define some data at the beginning of an Advanced Slide note. and repeat them on each slides.

I found an easy way using CSS tricks:

  1. At the beginning of the presentation I put the data in style bracket this way:
.title:after  {content:"Slide MetaData Demo"}
.context:after {content: "Fake Meeting Somewhere 2022-08-25";}
.author:after   {content: "My Name";}
  1. Then inside the slides I can use this data in footers for instance like this:
<div class="author"><div>


## <!-- element class="title" -->
  1. Of course it all make sens when you use them inside slide templates, for instance to set a footer for each slide with value specific on the presentation you make. So no data are in templates, only the layouts.

For instance :

<grid drag="100 10" drop="0 2"   align="topleft" class="slidetitle">
 <% title %>

<% content %>

<grid drag="33 5" drop="1 -1" align="bottomleft" class="footer lfoot">
<%? lfoot %>
<span class="context"></span>

<grid drag="33 5" drop="-1 -1" align="bottomright" class="footer rfoot">
<%? rfoot %>
<span class="author"></span>

All slides with this template will have a nice footer with presentation data.

You can also make placeholder for e.g. logo :

<div class="logo"></div>

And set the logo inside the presentation style as well, define the size function to where it will be printed :

.logo {
  background-image: url("[[logo1.png]]"), 
  background-position: left, right;
  background-size: 200px;
  width: 400px;
  height: 200px;
.footer .logo {
	background-size: 50px;
	width: 100px;
        height: 50px;

For recurrent “metadata” you can write them on css files on your volt and use them in presentation front matter:

css: [Src/regular_meeting.css]

It may not work on all browser but successfully tested on Obsidian, Chrome and Safari.


An other way to do it with more limitation

Add an hidden slide with some referenced material (or a dedicated note)

<!-- slide data-visibility="hidden" -->

Fake Meeting Somewhere 2022-08-25

My Name

embed the material in each slides

::: lfoot
![[slide tutorial#^context]]

::: rfoot
![[slide tutorial#^author]]

Note that without the full note path (e.g. ![[#^author]] ) it does not work.

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