Advanced Search

I’m not sure if anyone has tried Roam Portal search when they tried Roam, but it’s a really powerful search enhancement. I included some of the features below. I think it would be really cool to get another more advanced search plugin with features like this or others. Thoughts?

  • View your recently edited blocks
  • Search within all of your block results and embeds
  • Tweet individual blocks
  • View search results sorted by date
  • Filter search results by date
  • Filter search results by page
  • Visualize and compare usage of your page and block references over time
  • Visualize usage of your pages and words over time
  • Visualize frequencies of similar pages and words
  • Create saved searches
  • Search for only exact phrases
  • Search for matches with similar spellings
  • Filter out code blocks in your search

I have never used roam, but that sounds cool. To save time reading below, I am basically looking for a plugin that could analyze all unique words in a note minus any words, symbols, or punctuation from a custom exclusion list.

While I am sure there are other word cloud like toolsets that do something similar to what I am asking, I prefer to let my important documents get looked at by as little software as possible, so if anyone already knows how to do this more efficiently than I am, I’d love to hear it.

So basically I have been using a simple macro that does ctrl+right arrow then enter on a loop going through my notes.

After doing search and empty replace for punctuation, symbols, numbers, and uninteresting words, I am copying and pasting this into a spreadsheet to alphabetize, then using remove duplicate functionality and finally selecting all then deselecting all obvious unneeded words before copying to a new list.

Next, I append double brackets before and after each word in list using similar search and replace tactics but with .* for search and [[& then &]] for replace with regular expressions turned on.

Finally, I paste into Obsidian and scan through and actually create notes for the important words I see that I may not have already created category notes for.

I would definitely appreciate if there were a plugin or advanced search feature of some sort that did some of this leg work, perhaps with a few more bells and whistles for analysis or visualization or insights about words certain words tend to be near.


Who’s for getting these teams to work together on a single program instead of 2 unsatisfactory versions?