Advanced Internal Linking

Advanced Internal Linking

The universal [[ ]] is good for linking between files but not good enough for linking between blocks.

Use case or problem

  • Let’s say I have 2 files: A & B. In file A, I could easily link to any block within the page by using [[^ ]]. But what if I want to link from file A to blocks in file B ?

  • In One Note, I can do that. It can link to exact location within another page.

Proposed solution

  • Personal opinion: Using [[^ , and it pops up all the blocks within the page as normal, but when I hold ⌘ in Mac, it opens up list of other files for me to choose. After I choose a file, it opens up all the blocks within that file for me to link.


  • I would love to see that in the future updates.
  • Thank you for your listening.
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You can use [[^^ to link blocks from separate notes.

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Example, please.



This just works for me too

Or, [[B^ ]] works as well.

Wow, thank you. I never thought about that:))

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