Advanced Export/Print Plugin

Brief Summary: An advanced print or export to PDF option that not only exports the single active note to PDF but also identifies all internal links within the said note and includes them in an appendix within the PDF.

At present, it’s possible to export .md file notes as PDFs or use Pandoc to export to a host of other file formats. But when doing so, only the particular page the user selects is exported. All of the internalized links are “lost” in the PDF export. They may appear colorized or underlined in the PDF, but their functionality is all but gone.

It may be useful to create a plugin that retains at least some of that functionality.

For instance, imagine a user who writes an essay with multiple internalized links contained therein. The user can export the essay as a PDF and all notes referenced in the internal links are indexed and appended to the PDF. The reader of the essay then has the ability to flip through the pages and view the author’s references or internalized notes.

This may make it easier to write essays, articles, or even books within Obsidian without the use of multiple software to create a final version.

If such a feature or plugin already exists or is possible, I apologize for this redundant request and would gladly like to learn how to enable it :slight_smile:

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Would the plugin also gather all the notes linked in the notes that it gathers, and the notes linked in those, and so on?

I removed the “publish” tag because it’s intended for the Obsidian Publish service.

Yeah, it would be nice to have the notes from the links in the main file included in the printout. Perhaps a setting to specify the degree of depth (i.e. only links in main file printed vs. links from linked files, etc…) linked would be necessary as well.

It’s not precisely what you asked for, but the Longform plugin can compile multiple notes together for export. But you have to tell it what notes to include, and it’s oriented to notes that all live in the same folder as a project.