Admonitions for GhDocs

Use case or problem

Any chance obsidian can follow the Markdown syntax for admonitions (callouts)?

I tried to edit markdown for a ghdocs project and it didn’t end up working out using Obsidian. Would love the support.

For more details, I found a good issue on why it isn’t working right now - using a community plugin called “admonitions” they use codeblocks to do admonitions (callouts) and that isn’t going to work with mkdocs.

There are multiple competing standards for admontions / callouts.
There is no definitive Markdown standard for it, the markdown standard is also missing tables for example.
The very popular CommonMark spec has no mention of callouts / admonitions.

The standard we use is also being used by GitHub:

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I just did a test of all the GitHub admonitions in Obsidian and then came to the forum to look for threads about GitHub admonition syntax support and found your comment from just a few days ago.

In my test I noticed that Obsidian seems to support using any random word inside the brackets, and such things will get the “NOTE” pencil icon and blue color. But only three of the current five supported GitHub admonitions get their own color and symbol/icon. It looks like “IMPORTANT” and “WARNING” are supported by Obsidian, but the newer (2023) admonitions of “CAUTION” and “TIP” just get the symbol and color of “WARNING” and “IMPORTANT”, respectively.

Do you know if there are plans to support the newer GitHub admonitions with their own colors and symbols? That would sure be nice.

“TIP” is green with a light bulb symbol on GitHub now, and “CAUTION” is red with an octagonal symbol like a stop sign, with an exclamation point inside.

Should I submit a feature request to have the support for GitHub admonitions updated to support all five, and maybe match the colors and symbols better?

I know there’s a community plugin that uses a different method for admonitions/callouts, but I like the GitHub admonitions since I already use them on GitHub Wiki articles and READMEs.

How they look in a GitHub gist:

How they look in Obsidian 1.6.5 Flatpak on Fedora 40: