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I’m learning about Zettlekasten and how addresses work when identifying notes. I understand that you have a unique address and a fixed address. Which together allows the categorization of your notes. However, considering the purpose behind the types of the address, would unique be considered semantic and fixed be considered syntax?

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I got a lot more topics on a more techniqal side of understanding Obsidion. However, I wanted to understand the catagorization/identifiers within PKM, speciffically Zettlekasten.

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I don’t have an answer for you, but it may help others to help you if you clarify the terms a bit. What do you mean by unique and fixed addresses? I’m guessing “unique address” if the ID number often recommended to be added to filenames. Is “fixed address” the other words in the filename? Or maybe the other way around? I haven’t seen these terms before when reading about zettelkasten (but I also haven’t read anything recent about it).

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In Introduction to the Zettelkasten Method • Zettelkasten Method
They show that, “If you want to refer to an individual note, it needs to have a fixed and unique address by which you can identify the note.” They explained like the fixed address would be the placement within a system of notes and the Unique ID is The name a note goes by. So, I thought that it would be similar to how they describe syntax and semantics?

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This is specifically in Section 1.2

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