Additional searching metadata

Can we have obsidian look at the meta data for a file in the filesystem and then allow new search tags, i.e. created:“YYYY-MM-DD” or modified:"YYYY-MM-DD to find files by their created date or last modified date.

This would be very useful for many people and already exists in other markdown note taking tools like and ulysses.


The search syntax should then also allow for searches for notes before and after a given date since often you don’t know the exact date. This would also allow searching for notes created/updated in a certain time frame by combining the two conditions.


I would love to see createdBefore, createdAfter, updatedBefore, updatedAfter. That said, I imagine that adding any kind of date search/filter functions is a heck of a lot of work. For now, it’s on my “want to have” list—not a need.

As a workaround, the native file system helps even if we can’t combine that with Obsidian search terms.


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