Adding the date to each note


A question,
What would be the easiest way to automatically add the date to each new Note?



You can use the Template plugin. The {{date}} placeholder is expanded upon insertion.

Or you can use some third-part app that does text expansion, such as Keyboard Maestro, Alfred or Espanso.

None of the methods is fully automatic. You still need to manually insert the template or trigger a shortcut.

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I believe I’ll write such a plugin. I really need it.

I was thinking about adding it as metadata such as:

title: Metadata about what we write is really important
date: 10/11/2020
modified: 21/11/2020

All the contents of the note

But I ignore if there is some standard way of doing this, or what are good names for the dates for instance.

Any ideas on this?


Obsidian supports YAML frontmatter, so I think it’s a good choice. As for the plug-in, that’s out of my league, but I’ll probably use it when someone makes it :sweat_smile:

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In the end, I wrote the functionality in a plugin
you can find it in Obsidian, it’s called Markdown Prettifier

it allows you to setup a template and will add or modify the date each time you ‘prettify’ your note.


Awesome. I’m on my way! :smiley:


I’ve used only a small portion of its features yet, but it’s working great. Thanks again.

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The “daily notes” core plugin adds some of that functionality AND Templates allows for some date formatting of your choosing AND the Zettelkasten plugin can add a file title with the full date down to the hours and minute if that is of use to you.

I have not had much use for that at the moment but it was nice to see how many options are available for that.

What do you use?

I just installed your plugin, but can’t get it to work. I thought invoking the hotkey should add a YAML frontmatter to the current file if one is missing. But nothing happens when I try. What am I missing?

I’ve been using a template with nothing but


There’s a key mapping for inserting a template, which mean you can insert the date wherever you like in your notes. This has worked well for me.


Assuming you have enabled the plugin in Obsidian Settings > Third Party Plugins…
Double-check that the following two settings are enabled in Obsidian Settings > Plugin Options for Markdwon prettifier: create header, and update header.

Then use Ctrl Alt L to create the frontmatter within a note, and Ctrl Alt O to update existing frontmatter.

Activated in all places – but when I remapped the hotkeys it worked. Thanks.