Adding special characters in note title

How do I add special characters in the note title? I get an error whenever I do so.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to add special characters like /, | and etc. in the note title.
For example: I want this as my note title “toUpperCase() / toLowerCase()”.

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the same on the obsidian forum and have come across many solutions like using the frontmatter title plugin but I don’t know how to use it.

This is because some characters in file names are not allowed by obsidian as they might interfere with some OS functionality. So there is no “how to” - you just can’t use them in file names.

What exactly don’t you know? For the plugin to work you have to add a frontmatter title (if you don’t know what a YAML frontmatter is, see here).

For example, at the very beginning of your note, add the following:

title: "My title with * / | special characters"

and it should show up in lists and graphs as the actual title of the note.

So I’ve created a new note named by default untitled and added a frontmatter title. but it isn’t showing up in graphs and all.

You still should give your note a name instead of leaving it “untitled” - this is the name of the file. In a frontmatter, you can adapt the title you’d like to be shown.

Can you paste the source of your newly created note?

Yep i got it now. I had to enable the features of the plugin. Thanks for the help.

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