Adding Plugins For Dummies

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to download this plugin however I don’t know how to do so. Where is VaultFolder/.obsidian/plugins/your-plugin-id/ supposed to be located on a Mac? I went through the packages of Obsidian, and couldn’t find the folder.

Hi @DumbCSmajor

VaultFolder is the folder you created for your notes

.obsidian is a hidden folder under that folder. If I remember correctly (not near my mac right now) you can use Command+Shift+Period to show hidden files in finder

your-plugin-id is the name of the plugin


Thank you!

I found the hidden VaultFolder/.obsidian/plugins/ folder and created another folder in it called truth-tables. I put main, manifest, and styles in the folder. However, when I try to turn on the toggle in obsidian for the plugin I get a failed to load obsidian-truth-table-plugin. Is there something I’m missing?

I highly recommend you use the BRAT plugin to manage plugins that are not in the community list. You can find BRAT in the community plugins list and here is a guide on how to use it. I just tried installing the truth table plugin and it worked like a charm.


It works!! Thank you!

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