Adding packages to obsidian-tikzjax?

I am using the obsidian-tikzjax plugin to render diagrams with tikz: GitHub - artisticat1/obsidian-tikzjax: Render LaTeX and TikZ diagrams in your notes
As you can see in the readme, there are 8 or so packages that can be used with \usepackage{}. I would like to use the package feynman, to render feynman diagrams. Generally, I would like to be able to extend the plugin to use any LaTeX packages.

I searched for the names of these pakages in the code of obsidian-tikzjax, and I found them in a large file that is not meant to be human readable: tikzjax.js (in the root of the repository). I am guessing that this file can be extended and that we can add other packages, but I don’t know how.

The author doesn’t have any contact information on their github page.

Sounds safe and legit. :wink:

Did you try filing your question as an issue there?

I will try raising a github issue.

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