Adding onscreen visual typing effect when you typing in obsidian

When I browzing Github pages I accidentally found these two repositories that contain code adding visual typing effect on screen when you type on your keyboard, so I wonder if obsidian could have a plugin that has the same typing effect when typing. the two typing visualization websites are list below:
Typing fun showcase:GitHub - devloop01/typing-fun: Have fun typing.
Typing fun GitHub page :GitHub - devloop01/typing-fun: Have fun typing.

Keybright showcase:
Keybright 1.0 - Your DIY light installation
Keybright GitHub page:

VS Code IDE have a similar plugin named Power mode, A similar plugin for obsidian may be easier than the effect I proposed above.

wow , a cursor visual effect plugin just came out and I have tried it it’s amazing
[feature request] Add more visual effects · Issue #2 · vrtmrz/ninja-cursor (