Adding Multiple File Names in Batch

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when i import/copy a batch of files into my vault. i need to ad them in an MOC note to be accessable. i can get how i can do that?
if they are the only thing in the folder, i can get them by an dir /b cmd command. but still i have to add the [[]] to every file manually. does anyone had the same problem? any solution you can suggest? <!-- THIS PART WON’T BE POSTED

Please describe what you’re trying to accomplish so the community can better help you. Sometimes the solution you have in mind is not necessarily the best option, in which case knowing some background info can let others come up with creative solutions for your use case.

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You can use the copy search function in Obsidian. So if they’re just in one folder you can search Path:“Folder Name” which will display all files in that folder, then toggle copy search results. It will bring a pop-up window where you can have the option to have the results displayed as Wikilinks


that sounds like a practical solution. is there a convenient and quick way to get the relative path of a folder to search it?

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