Adding menu item to the properties context menu


I hope this is the place to ask this type of questions. I’m developing a plugin that can rename properties in bulk so I (and other Obsidian users with big vaults) don’t have to do it manually. I’ve read the documentation on context menus but I couldn’t find anything about how I could add a menu item to the context menu when I right click on a property.

So to clarify, I managed to add a menu item (called “Print file path :point_left:” on the picture) to the file context menu following the documentation:

But I’m trying to add an item which renames the property when clicked to this context menu instead (which isn’t covered by the documentation on context menus I think):

Could you help me figure this out?

Hi, there’s currently nothing in the API yet for adding menu items to the property context menu. I think that’s a good idea for something we should add though!

Also, I just wanted to warn you that bulk editing of properties is something we’re hoping to add in the not-so-distant future, so it might be worth putting your energy into a different plugin :smile:

Oh I see! Thank you for the reply, I’m looking forward to see that feature though!