Adding Mac File System Tags to Files via Obsidian Metadata

Things I have tried

My temporary fix for this is to download the Auto Note Mover plugin, which is quite handy. I would prefer a better solution that doesn’t involve a plugin, if possible

What I’m trying to do

I to tag the files in my Mac finder through YAML. Alternatively, I would like to configure an app like Hazel to read my YAML metadata and move notes around according to Hazel rules.

I want to do this as a way to auto-organize my notes.

I don’t have an answer, but if I’ve understood correctly I would like to be able to do the same thing. You want the mac system file tags to match the tags you’re inputting in Obsidian in the metadata. Is that right?

My question is about your workaround, using Auto Note Mover Plugin. How does that work? it looks like that plugin moves files based on triggers, rather than writing Obsidian tags to mac file system tags (or vice versa).

A quick word about my motivation. I organize my files with tags. I’ve never wanted to use a note system that had tags separate from my file tagging system, because then I would have to do every search twice – once in the finder window, and once in the note app. I used to use Tiddlywiki, and that was a problem there, at least prior to the node.js version, which stores notes as ordinary text files. But I would still have to tag those files, and those tags would not be visible from within the note app.

To be honest, a general search in the finder window will turn up files if tags are written in a distinctive way, e.g. But that’s just based on a full-text search, I think, not the tags variable. It would be nice to be able to tag notes within Obsidian and then have them automatically written as file tags by the mac os.

If there are other solutions, I’d be interested in hearing about them.

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