Adding items to the list of one note, and displaying them in the list of another – is this possible?

What I am trying to do

I use Obsidian to journal daily. In a physical notebook, I recently saw a cool idea of having a list with one sentence summaries of every day, so that when you glance at a month you can quickly see all the the things that happened.

Is there a way to replicate something like in Obsidian? The way I think it would work:

  1. Have a daily template with a section for the 1-sentence summary
  2. Have a separate note where these 1-sentence summaries are automatically appended.

I have tried doing this with internal links, but I can’t find a way to do it automatically. Other possible methods:

  • Tagging and then embedding search results on a page?
  • Something with YAML? I clearly know what I’m talking about :tipping_hand_man:

The way forward would be to investigate into inline fields, and doing dataview queries on those fields.

I.e. having the following in the main text of your daily notes:

summary:: Today was the best day ever

and then some query like

list summary
from #dailyNotes

So, go install the community plugin Dataview, and read up on how to use it. One possible starter point could be: How to get started with Obsidian Dataview and DataviewJS | by Jacqui Read | OS TechBlog | Medium

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This should work.

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