Adding iOS/MacOS "Remember this" functionality

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Use case or problem

I use the iOS Reminders app to run my life, and so I link to notes a lot. Currently, it’s possible to get the link to a note in obsidian and paste it into a reminder, but this requires 2 taps in obsidian, an app switch, a tap to edit a reminder, and 2 more taps to paste the link in the reminder. Rather cumbersome. I’d like to do with with iOS’s “remember this” functionality instead, removing all of that tapping and shifting around my phone.

Proposed solution

I’d like to have a note open in Obsidian and ask Siri to “remember this”, which would create a reminder with a deeplink to the note I had on screen. That’s all. It’s rare for 3rd party apps to have this functionality, but I have some 3rd party apps that for this (“Deliveries” app, for example, or “GitHub”, both have implemented this). I’m switching from Apple Notes, which has this “Remember this” functionality, and man it would go a long way for my switching to obsidian if I could also do this in obsidian.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I create a link to the obsidian note and navigate to reminders to edit a reminder and paste the link in the reminder.

Related feature requests (optional)

As a workaround, it may be possible to make a shortcut in Shortcuts to add an Obsidian URL to a new reminder.

I don’t know if you can get a URL (even one you have to convert to an Obsidian URL) by sharing a note. If not you’d probably have to use the Shortcut Launcher plugin to trigger the shortcut so it can get that info.