Adding formatting causes editor to jump, depending on size of paragraph

Like the title says, adding formatting characters(when typing in a longer paragraph), like an asterisk, a backtick, etc, makes the editor snap to a different position.

Steps to reproduce

I don’t think themes or plug-ins play into it, as I got the exact same behavior when I tried it in a completely fresh vault.

You need a document with at least two lines on it (as in, the line count, when enabled, will show at least 2 or higher.

When this is done, you can scroll the bottom of the file to the middle of the vertical space of the editor screen. Here, you can type, format text, and everything seems to work as expected.

However, if you have a paragraph (one line/block with no linebreaks) that gets long enough, you’ll start seeing a behavior that whenever you add a formatting character—like an asterisk—, the editor view will suddenly snap to a different position. Oddly enough, this position is relative to the size of the paragraph. The larger the paragraph, the larger the jump.

Expected result

I’d expect adding formatting to behave the same as adding other text, just with, well formatting. I wouldn’t expect an asterisk to have text leaping across the screen.

Actual result

Me trying it in the help vault with no plug-ins or theme


  • Operating system: MacOS 11.4
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.19

I can’t reproduce with the new editor in 0.13.7. If you have this problem when you get 0.13.x, open a new bug report.

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Ah, so there’s a high chance it disappears with the new editor? Good to hear. I’ll be sure to open a new one if it keeps happening in 0.13.x.