Adding built in LLM/AI support to stay relevant

The Problem / Opportunity

There has been a very steep rise in AI/LLM development and we see more and more note taking applications integrating LLMs into their product. For example google just announced NotebookLM.

For me (and I think for many users), LLM integration is a major selling point nowadays. I love obsidian and use it for literally everything and I’m sure many “powerusers” exist out there. I have the feeling that in order for obsidian to stay relevant, LLM/AI integration will become obligatory (for any good note taking application)

I know that there are already plugins to use LLMs in obsidian but an integrated one would be a major selling point, especially for new / inexperienced / lazy users.

LLMs can be incredibly useful for text summarization and generation and I think many users would find an integrated LLM very useful and would be willing to pay for it, including myself.

Proposed solution

With an integrated, local LLM in obsidian I would like to be able to (most important first):

  • Chat about my notes and links between them
  • Autocomplete text based on existing vault content
  • Autocomplete links based on existing vault content and linkage

Those are the base features I would expect. A cherry on top would be:

  • LLM ability to reason about pdfs, images and other file formats
  • LLM ability to take actions such as moving / relinking / rewriting notes

I think that even implementing only the chat feature will be super powerfull

Architectural setup

In order to preserve the great privacy properties of obsidian, I propose to use a local LLM and don’t send any data into the cloud. I’m by no means an LLM expert but I think the performance on mobile could be lacking a bit in that case?

I think the chat could easily be represented as plain text notes inside the vault in a user chosen directory.

Current workaround

Using third party plugins. This often involves self hosting stuff or using another third party service. All in all, not really convenient and not elegant.


I love obsidian! And I don’t want to loose it :frowning:

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