Adding appropriate # using GPT 3 for all notes in a vault?

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Hello everybody!

Fairly new to Obsidian and I just started to learn python. Have searched for something similar to this topic but cant seem to find anything so I have to post my question:
Are there any plugins allowing for the possibility of using Gpt-3 to automatically (via a key shortcut) add # that describe the context of the note in question? Currently I use the text generator plugin with the shortcut command+j but it would be nice to make a custom shortcut that already has the prompt generating the hashtags embedded into it, aswell as allowing for doing this retroactively on all the notes I already have, and giving it a special hashtag which allows for the filtering of these notes in graphview.

I asked Gpt 3 to do this for me in electron (which I know nothing of) and got the following result:

Write me code in electron that adds the following operation to the notes in all subfolders: “Add 5 appropriate # describing the context of the above text”// Main js file
const {app, BrowserWindow, ipcMain} = require(‘electron’)
const fs = require(‘fs’);

//Create a browser window instance
let win

function createWindow () {
win = new BrowserWindow({width: 800,height: 600})


//For debugging purposes only

win.on('closed', () => {win=null; });


app.on(‘ready’, createWindow)

app.on(‘window-all-closed’, () =>{ app.quit() })

// Listen for the request to update notes in all the subfolders
ipcMain.on(“updateNotes”, (e) =>{ updateNotesInSubfolders(e); });

// Update the note by adding “Add 5 appropriate # describing the context of the above text” in all the sub folders recursively
function updateNotesInSubfolders(path){

 //Return if path does not exist or is not a directory     
 if (!fs.existsSync(path) || !fs.lstatSync(path).isDirectory())      return;      

 //Read directory contents recursively     
 const subs = fs.readdirSync(

No idea how useful this is but might be a start (?).

Thankful for any suggestions on how to make this if it doesn’t already exist. Thanks!

First of all, if you want to present markdown text with code blocks in the forum, you need to enclose the entire thingy with at least four backticks, ````. This preserves the code blocks within your markdown text.

Second, what are you really trying to achieve? Do you want to use your notes as prompts for the GPT-3 to generate some randomised text? What would you use that text for?

And you want to do that on all your notes?

Sorry If I was unclear. What I want to do is the following: generate automatic # related to the topic at hand via a shortcommand. These should then be filterable so I can sort them in and out of the graph view.

Would be great if this could be done retroactively to all the notes I have already created aswell.

The purpose of this would be to extend the context of what I am writing beyond the connections I personally can make, thus extending the scope of my writing.

Your original post would still benefit from proper markup, just saying.

It seems like that the Templater plugin could be a way forward for you. If you trigger a template based on the current note, it’s capable of detecting from which file you came, extract the content of that file, do some processing, and create a new file based on that processing.

In your case, the processing would be to send it to GPT-3, if I understand you correctly, to generate a new automatic text which hopefully triggers your creativity. That’s not my cup of tea, but Templater seems to be a possible way to do this.

The only part I’m a little unsure about is how to feed the text into GPT-3, and getting the result back again. If however the text generator plugin has some api for doing that, then a combination of these two plugins should be able to do what you want.

My philosophic reasoning behind this desire is as follows: considering Gpt-3 as some kind of meta-representation of the collective human imagination as represented on the internet, I would like to have a context woven around my personal associations based upon this “collective mirror” or whatever one might call it.

Did not manage to find how to edit the post, or rather, it said that the post was restricted from editing, but thanks will check out templater!

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