Adding a YAML field to all Obsidian notes

I have previously used Day One and I am slowly integrating it into Obsidian.

I love Day One’s feature that shows you notes from one year ago. I love dataview even more because, amongst other things, you can show notes one year ago, 90 days ago etc.

I have set this up using date created and it works for all my obsidian notes. However, when I add a note from 2 years ago in Day One, the date created is the day I add it to Obsidian, not 2 years ago.

So it seems I need to create a new YAML field called Actual-Date:

Then when I add a Day One note, I can put in the correct date.

So my question is…

  1. I assume this is indeed the best way to do this in order to accomplish my objective of seeing notes 1 year ago, 90 days ago etc?
  2. How do you add that field to all your notes with the value of the field as the date the note was created?

Thank you!

If you set a field like date: YYYY-MM-DD in your files, you’ll be able to use dataview (and other plugins which respect this field similarily) with or similar. This will indeed allow you to do view for stuff like a year ago, 90 days ago, and so on

Doesn’t the Day One file have a created field you can utilise? I kind of remember that I did that when I converted most of my entries some time ago.

Regarding how to do this automatically, I can say it’s doable, but it can be tricky and depends on your knowledge of coding and/or doing regex stuff on multiple files. For most people it’s easier and safer, to just do it manually, as you’re converting the files.

If not using the Day One field, from where are you going to pick the creation date from?

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