Adding a note link to multiple notes

Hi, is it possible to select multiple notes at once and somehow automatically add a link (the same link) to all of them, without having to go into each one please?
I’m migrating from Evernote where I was a heavy tag user and a solution for the above would be very useful.

…Or maybe as an alternative, to create a new note to be used as a ‘tag’ note, then to somehow automatically link this new note to all notes that are linked to a tag. So I can then delete the actual tag, leaving the tag note?

I hope this makes sense, but to explain…I have a tag called ‘Finance’. I want to create a note called ‘Finance Note’ to replace the tag, but before I remove the tag, I want to link ‘Finance Note’ to all notes that are currently associated with the ‘Finance’ tag.


Thanks for the response. Yes I am aware, but I’m trying hard not to replicate how I used Evernote into Obsidian and instead use Obsidians native capabilities instead, like links, not tags. I have to say, it’s a big struggle. In a way, Obsidian gives too many options and without using/experiencing its capabilities, its very difficult to determine how to structure things.

Thanks for confirming. You’re right, I’ve accepted I need to tag for my usecase. I was trying to however limit them, by using links instead in some cases. The journey continues. Cheers

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