Adding a new nice feature to Obsidian Checklist plugin to ignore tags

Here is my first post to talk about my workflow and how i edited the checklist plugin to adapt to my workflow. This post is for curious developers who wants to fine tune the checklist plugin to add new features to adapt to their workflow

TLDR : I have added a feature to ignore a certain tag in obsidian checklist plugin while filtering the todo tasks to display in checklist tab.

Modifying checklist plugin in obsidian

The checklist plugin lacks major features to exclude and include multiple tags and for that reason i am not able to carry forward my workflow. So here is what i did, the section you see in the below image marked in arrow, is a new feature added to exclude tasks with this tag alone.

The nerd part of the implementation

The file we are going to work is main.js in the obsidian-checklist plugins folder inside .obsidian/plugins

and Voila, you just added a new feature to the checklist plugin

End Result

You should contact the author of the plugin and see if you can collaborate with them.

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Great idea. Will contact the author of the plugin.