Add Weekly, Monthly and maybe even Yearly notes as options to the 'Daily Note' plugin

I find myself drifting a lot to the usage of weekly notes to take notes in, jot down quick reminders or information or to take notes on smaller meetings that I’m attending. I find that using Daily notes clouds my graph and creates a lot of documents that have almost no contents. I understand ofcourche that other users get a lot of use out of daily note.

I use the ISO8601 standaard to create them (So week 45 of 2020 would look like 2020-W45). I would love it if you could toggle on and of different kinds of auto generated notes like the daily note to create a setup to you own liking.

The options I would propose are:

  • Daily Note
  • Weekly Note
  • Monthly Note
  • Yearly Note (optional)

Weekly notes are a great idea.


You should be able to do much of this already. See the examples here:


A thank you! I did not find this item when I was searching for relevant post. Personaly I would go for the 8601 standard like .

I would love the option to ‘Open the Weekly note’ or ‘Open Monthly note’. I could also build a custom plug-in in due time but I think of it more like an extension of the existing plugin.

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I have and use weekly notes now; I used to do monthly as well but found it confusing (mapping weeks into months isn’t clean). Also found that I seem to work on weekly cycles for planning and daily for execution, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

For the Daily note format, I use YYYY.MM.DD-WW.dd, which gives me 2020.11.09-46.Mo for daily note names (week number is after the dash). On a Monday, I create the daily note as usual and then duplicate the file, and just trim the .Mo from the filename giving me 2020.11.09-46 (week 46, starting on the 9th of November). I also find it convenient to see what happened on Wednesday of week 42, for example. So my daily notes folder looks like this:

Easy to see the week notes, and also easy to bring up both the week notes and the day notes for that week:

Not a standard by any means, but after trying various standards-based formats I’ve settled on this - it works well for me.


Weekly review note with all daily notes from that week transcluded

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+1 on this request.

I would also love to see the core Daily Note plugin be extended to support Weekly notes. I do Weekly reviews as part of my core workflow.

I manually create a blank weekly review note every Friday. I pulled together Templater and a custom template with date tokens using the date command to manipulate dates in the past/future.

It works, as long as my Friday doesn’t blow up and don’t do it until Saturday, but think it would be smoother if it was more integrated and baked into the app.


Yeah, those would be wonderful. I’m using regular templates for now and it works fine, but it’s a bit more requiring.

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Another option I saw this morning that could work for many here is the Calendar plugin. There’s a weekly option you can configure and if you click on the wweek number it creates the note with token replacement.

It’s a great plugin but the config options aren’t flexible enough for me in particular with filenaming, that I am staying with with my Templater option.

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That’s actually really cool and such a simple solution.

Liam Cain made a plugin that can help you create weekly and monthly notes. He is planning on integrating this with the calendar plugin.


Yes! That’s what I ended up using. Great plug-in!

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