Add vim key binding support to File Explorer

Vim keybindings is the major selling point of your app for me. Can we get jk file navigation in the file explorer?


Use case or problem

When I’m using vim keybindings, and the File Explorer is focused, I cannot use vim keybindings (H,J,K,L) to navigate the file tree.

Proposed solution

When vim keybindings are enabled, and file explorer is focused, bind J/K to Up/Down so that the user can use vim keybindings to navigate the file tree.

It would also be nice to also bind H/L to Collapse/Expand Folders, respectively. This would match the behavior of the Left/Right arrow keys in the File Explorer.

Current workaround (optional)

User must switch to arrow keys to navigate the file tree.

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@WhiteNoise Hi there. I’m new to this forum, so still getting a sense of the norms.

I noticed that you moved my topic to Feature archive, and that someone else merged it with this 3-year-old topic without comment. I made a new topic because I thought this old one may have been forgotten, but now I’m feeling it’s just a low/non-priority to add support for this.

Is that a fair interpretation? Thank you.

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It is the correct interpretation.
In the Feature Request template it is explicitly written to not open new threads if one already exists.

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