Add UI and scripting support to embedded queries

Bumped! Sort functionality is super-important for embedded queries. Tryna make a daily note MOC without the ability to sort by newest first is kinda lame.

+1 to this feature

Use case or problem

The query code block should also include the sort order from the manual find feature and show the values for the sort

Proposed solution

sort-order: new-first

Or a similar syntax with 1:1 correspondence to the manual find UI parameters.

When dealing with lots of files for editing, good to see the oldest or newest files that need attention.

Current workaround (optional)

Use manual sort and type in search info.

Related feature requests (optional)


Use case or problem

Creation and embed of lists of notes such as backlinks to current note. I want to see a list of the note titles (uncluttered) rather than unfolded showing the content. One reason I use Obsidian is to help clarify my thinking, and eliminating clutter is a big part of clarity.

Proposed solution

Allow options to be specified on additional lines in the query block (e.g. “collapse: true”). See for example the dataview plugin.

Current workaround (optional)

I have some Python code which generates backlinks and appends them to the end of a file as markdown links.


I second that! This would be very helpfull.

Supporting this request! :+1:

+1 for me too

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As queries let you create dynamic MOCs, allowing to collapse or expand results would help these MOCs be more usable and useful.

I found myself needing this today, +1

Definitely something I’ve found myself looking for now that workspaces are a thing. A constant task pane is awesome but if it had a sort feature it would be even better!

+1 for this request, any update if it is planned? Thanks!

+1 agree on the sort order as well. I think a syntax like this or similar would be incredibly powerful to allow for sorting by multiple criteria:

tag: #important
sort: modification-time asc, file-name desc

This will help our files!

Please this! It might require a bit of a refactor, but all of the functionalities in the search toggles should be exposed so that they can be leveraged in embedded query blocks.



Wouldn’t it be good to have an Operator or Syntax to choose the default sort order for embedded search results?

Proposed solution

As demonstrated in the search sidebar, Obsidian already has the capability of rendering results as sorted by: File name, Modified time, and Created time; each in forward or reverse order.

This would be so valuable to include for frequent search terms for both Embedded results and URI results.


I’m certain no example is necessary but to provoke the imagination and hope, it might look something like this:

Search Term



Really, every results modifier that’s currently available could be included to condition the default presentation of any particular query, like: Collapse results and Show more context.


+1 absolutely essential to make sense of embedded queries in MOCs.

+1. Please let it also support Obsidian Publish so that I can share feeds of the latest.

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+1, would be super helpful

This would be very useful for creating automatic MoC and ToCs.

Especially when combined with automatically transclude the results of embedded query and Folding Embedded/Transcluded Notes.