Add "Toggle bullet/checkbox" hotkey

To my surprise there is no way to turn a bullet into a checkbox or back.

Currently Obsidian provides the two hotkeys:

  1. Cycle bullet/checkbox which loops though:
  • bullet
  • checkbox: unchecked
  • checkbox: checked
  1. Toggle bullet/checkbox which loops though:
  • checkbox: unchecked
  • checkbox: checked

As you see, the former includes the latter. But there is no function to loop through:

  • bullet
  • checkbox (default: unchecked)

what can be obviously named Toggle bullet/checkbox.

Please add. It’s inconvenient really to haul a checkbox through its checked state when you just need to make it a bullet.

Some use cases:

If it’s a bullet - make it a checkbox in the unchecked state.
If it’s a checkbox in the checked or unchecked state - make it a bullet.
Else - do nothing.

You can do this with a plugin, for an example, see Hotkeys++ (Ctrl/Cmd-M) and cycles through all three states.

edit: sorry, I misunderstood what you were describing.

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