Hello, what is procedure and requirement if I would like to add my theme into Community themes discovered inside the app?

Create a GitHub repo for it if you haven’t already, and post a pull request here:

I have it in repo, but have no idea how to post a pull request to the link you gave me :confused:

You can follow this example:

Brother I really don’t know how to do it.

I’m stucked here and don’t know how to proceed.

Have you read the GitHub Docs on the subject? It really is something that requires following the instructions step-by-step, and you may need to click on a few links to understand additional concepts.

The best walkthroughs are those provided by GitHub itself, though. I don’t think anyone else will do it justice.

And yes, it’s a confusing and frustrating process when you’re learning it. That’s normal!

I can add it for you, if you can provide me with author name and your preferred screenshot. Thanks!

dark: ""
light: ""

"compatibleModes": ["light, dark"]
"name": "Suddha",
"author": "dxcore35"

Thank you very much!

I still cannot see the theme there. So it is not quite resolved.

Added now. However only one screenshot can be used, so I used the dark one.