Add the same template to multiple selected notes

What I’m trying to do

I would like to be able to select multiple notes from the file explorer and add the same template to all of them. As a less-ideal alternative, having a folder which automatically applies a template to anything dropped into it would be good too.

Things I have tried

Played around with core template plugin and templater to no avail. Searched docs of both.

Actually, Templater has exactly that feature (section called Folder Templates where you set what template to apply to all notes in specific folders) and I’m using it all the time:

Currently, I don’t know of a user-friendly or already implemented built-in way to do this so currently one needs a hacky workaround to do this for files (folders) as talked about in this thread (read through it to the end):

It could be done with Templater within Obsidian as well with TFile but I don’t remember where I’ve seen it applied.
Someone might write the code here.

Actually, this thread could be used to show people how to implement this.

A non-templater solution would be MetaData Menu, whose developer lately provided support for adding properties to multiple files.

I did not try or test this so I’m unsure if you need to use a DV (or DVJs) query to list the files you want to modify for properties or if going the non-DV route (where one can set fileclasses for groups of files and can add default properties to files per the fileclass) would be enough. One can play around with it on a test vault after watching (the rather scant) video documentation.
I’m not 100 percent but 90-99 percent sure the new updates make bulk editing possible now. Possibly one needs to go through the properties one by one, though.
Great for people with no coding experience.

Then if you want to put the properties in a particular order, the third-party plugin Linter can do it (lint whole folder or vault to sort out YAML).

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Wow, no clue how I missed that. This’ll work for my purposes, thank you!

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But that’s only for new file creation, to be done one by one as you go along, no?

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