Add the ability to display an image inline with the name of folder and note

Use case or problem

Users can utilize images from the vault or the internet to display them inline with the folder and note names, facilitating easier recognition of folders or notes through icons.

What’s your use case for this feature? In other words, what are you trying to accomplish when you realize you need this feature?

I will use this feature to set icon of every topic of folder.

Proposed solution

use this format [tooltip text which can be empty](link to image which can be the directory to local image or url of image from the internet) to show image at name line


Example: I want to use Github icon for my Github note

So using this name: “[Official Github icon](”
This is the example result (viewing in

Another example: I want to set Github icon to my Repository Github folder

So using this name: “[Official Github icon]( Repository Github”