Add Svg clipboard paste

Use case or problem

Currently the only way to paste images seem to be in bitmap formats. Some apps like Inkscape copy their contents as Svg into the clipboard as well, so it would be nice to be able to paste the clipboard contents without rasterizing them.

With the ability to paste Svg’s it would be possible to create documents with higher quality that comes with resolution-independent Svgs.

Proposed solution

I believe it should be possible to paste Svg clipboard content by creating files similar to how it is already done for bitmap images. An important implementation detail would probably be that the clipboard content needs to be checked in the right order “Svg → Bitmap”, because some apps add their content to the clipboard in Svg and also in bitmap formats.

Current workaround (optional)

A (cumbersome) workaround is: Having to explicitly export content to Svg files before referencing them in obsidian

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