Add support for the superscript/subscript HTML tags in the Outline (TOC)

Use case or problem

I noticed when I use a superscript <sup></sup> or subscript <sub></sub> tag in a header, the tags are displayed in the Outline (TOC) as raw HTML tags instead of rendering them correctly, which is inconsistant with how the header is rendered in the editor’s view, e.g.: # 1<sup>st</sup> note header will be rendered as 1<sup>st</sup> note header in the Outline.

Proposed solution

It would be really nice if at least a sub-section of HTML tags are rendered correctly.

The raw HTML of <sup> tags doesn’t render in the Outline in early access Obsidian v1.5.11. This may have been improved in one of the recent updates.

CleanShot 2024-03-16 at 17.39.20

Oh cool, i can’t wait for the update. thank you for the quick reply btw.

Obsidian v1.5.11 just got released, and after a second look, that doesn’t look like a superscript to me; it looks like they just stripped the <sup> tags. Instead of 1st we got 1st.