Add shortcuts for creating related cards in Canvas like mindmap apps

Use case or problem

Hi, I’m using Canvas to organize my ideas, which has many commons with mindmaps, and I noticed that most mind map apps have shortcuts to add topics(cards) quickly without using mouse, for example, Enter for creating new same-level topics, and Tab for new next-level topics.

In Obsidian Canvas, I have to double-click the canvas, or Ctrl+Drag to create new cards, and place the duplicated card carefully, which is a little bit disturbing.

Proposed solution

After finishing editing one card, if I need to create a same or sub level card:

  1. If in card keyboard editing mode: Use Ctrl+Enter to exit editing mode, and automatically select current card, then press Tab to duplicate a sub-level card to the right, or Enter to duplicate a sam-level card to the under, with a proper related position, size and color.

  2. If in mouse mode: Click original card to select and operate same as above.