Add Setting to toggle titleBarStyle between "hidden" and "hiddenInset"

Use case or problem

Electron allows you to set the “titleBarStyle” option to “hiddenInset” (macOS only). This allows you to have a titlebar with more space for properly sized navigation buttons.

Proposed solution

I would like a setting (hidden or visible) which allows me to toggle between the two. Additionally, if the settings added a body class to the window, themes could target the titlebar size appropriately.

Current workaround (optional)

I currently have to unpack obsidian.asar, manually change the “titleBarStyle” option, and then repack the asar file every time a new Obsidian version is released.

This is how the Obsidian Titlebar currently looks like (squashed and ugly):

And this is how the Obsidian Titlebar looks like with the titleBarStyle set to “hiddenInset” in Electron and with a custom CSS snippet applied:

(Theme used is Shimmering Focus).