Add search as an URI action

Now that we have an URI protocol (yay!) and can open notes using it, the next step in my book would be adding a search URI action.

Using an URI, I would like to be able to create links to run searches in Obsidian. Either from within Obsidian itself or from other applications.

The URI should support all types of complex searches that can be done within Obsidian, such as grouping, file queries and tags.

The search UI should give you the option to generate an URI based on the search query you’ve crafted, so you could have a library of saved searches in a note if you want to.


I agree, a more robust implementation would be very nice. Many document-based apps on iOS / macOS have powerful URL schemes, e.g. DEVONthink, Drafts, Ulysses etc. and they might serve as inspirations.


Agreed! I would love to see a URI where I could link directly to a search. Linking directly to a graph (with search specified) would be great too.

This will be pretty useful. Something like obsidian://search?vault=aaa&keyword=bbb would suffice.

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I think I saw someone talking in another post about already being able to achieve this, but I’m not sure.

I havn’t tried it yet, is anyone aware of any workarounds to save searches to URI?

Implemented in 0.9.7

To search for tags, keep in mind that you need to escape the hash sign, e.g. obsidian://search?vault=notes&query="tag:%23MOC"

This was not included yet, but I would suggest to open a new request for this