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Use case or problem

How to restore the vault to a given date/time.
This would save a lot of time (and pain) when a user’s vault is corrupted by sync, or by anything else, so long as the history is available.

Proposed solution

This could be a feature of Obsidian Sync, but would automate the restore/undo manual operations by having the user choose the date and time to which the vault should be restored.

Current workaround (optional)

The current workaround is the manual process of restoring one file at a time via the Obsidian Sync plug-in. Or having a back-up outside the vault, which would be too limiting.

Related feature requests (optional)


Time to learn git?


You also have the File Recovery plugin. Although it is one file at a time as well.

Why do you think a back-up outside the vault would be “limiting”? You should absolutely be backing up your vault externally somehow! Even if this feature request existed.

Especially if this feature existed! A way to completely transform your vault? I’d be saving backups before I used it.

(+1 for git, or equivalent version control software. I saved a snapshot of my vault before and after installing and syncing Readwise for example. Because I wasn’t 100% certain what the result would be.)

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Backing up is indeed something everyone should be doing. But how often would you need to to prevent loss? This feature would even reduce the need for external backups.

The issue is how much time and effort it would take to restore recent work in the event sync or the computer - or the users - caused files to be deleted or changed.