Add/Remove links to notes if they get connected or aren't connected anymore


Is there some kind of plugin that adds or autoremoves link if the 2 notes aren’t connected anymore inside the note anymore
I have this Links:: at top of my every note and it would be cool if whenever it gets linked or the linking between the notes get removed it adds/removes itself.


I don’t quite understand the request. Can you post some examples of the different states you’re talking about? It would be best to paste the text in a code block here rather than a screenshot.

So basically what I am trying to do is
If I link note2 in note1 [[note2]]

I want note2 to automatically add as a reference [[note1]] as a link

And if I delete the link in note1
then the feature/plugin deletes [[note1]] link in note2 and vice-versa

The closest thing I found is with the dataview plugin

Table without Id file.inlinks as "Links"
Where file.path = this.file.path 

It does the job but it looks out-of-place because of the font-size miss-alignment

Currently trying to rewrite it to dataviewjs so it doesn’t appear if there are no links to that file aka it’s an orphaned file

It sounds like you want backlinks, which are a core feature.

(For the DataView, font size can be changed by a CSS snippet — but you don’t need DataView for this.)

I know about backlinks but it’s inside the side window
I am trying to have it inside my note since it’s easier for my no-mouse workflow

You can do that. Read the documentation:

Didn’t notice this
Backlinks: Open backlinks for the current note .
And this

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