Add relationship name in graph view

Currently, Remnote had relationship name/connection name / edge label in graph view.


like this one in Neo4j.

Use case or problem

As you can see here the data model consists of Nodes and Relationships. And both nodes and relationships will have properties associated with them. And together all of them will make a data model which will give us the better visual understanding of a dataset.

Properties are information associated to nodes. For example, if Wikipedia were one of the nodes, it might be tied to properties such as website, reference material, or words that starts with the letter w, depending on which aspects of Wikipedia are germane to a given database.

Labeled-property graph
A labeled-property graph model is represented by a set of nodes, relationships, properties, and labels. Both nodes of data and their relationships are named and can store properties represented by key/value pairs. Nodes can be labelled to be grouped. The edges representing the relationships have two qualities: they always have a start node and an end node, and are directed;[10] making the graph a directed graph. Relationships can also have properties. This is useful in providing additional metadata and semantics to relationships of the nodes.Direct storage of relationships allows a constant-time traversal.

Hope Obsidian have a way to implement it.


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