Add Properties Type: Phone and Email (with validation)

Use case or problem

In order to make Obsidian Properties a more enjoyable experience, it is a core feature to have robust property types with validation, including validating phone numbers and email addresses.

Proposed solution

I propose that new Property Types be added called phone number and email respectively. This type works the same as the already existing Text Property Type except Obsidian validates the string to ensure that it is a valid phone number or email address respectively.

  • When the user adds a new phone number/email into the properties editor, Obsidian will only save it if it is, in fact, a valid phone number/email.

  • When the user clicks an email, it will open the users email client to send an email to that address. (This is already implemented in Obsidian currently. If you store an email like [email protected], then when you click that email it will open the URL mailto:[email protected].

  • When the user click a phone number, it calls that phone number. (Obsidian could prepend tel: to the phone number so that it opens tel:1234567890 just like emails already do.

  • When the user saves a value, using the Properties editor, then Obsidian will only save the new value if it is a valid value.

  • If an invalid email address or phone number already exists in the markdown text, then Obsidian simply highlights it red to notify the user that it is an invalid value.


Email works in text type, open a separate FR for phone.
Advanced functionalities for both should go to plugin ideas.

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