Add "paste as plaintext" to the right-click editor context menu

Hotkeys are all the rage, but sometimes I’m doing stuff with a mouse, and it’s faster to just continue doing stuff with the mouse for me.

It would be amazing if, in addition to the Select All request here, there were a “paste as plain text” option because boy howdy do I not need all of the links from Wikipedia when I’m trying to paste in a paragraph of notes, and pasting into Notepad++ first is an unpleasant workaround when I can’t remember the hotkey or accidentally overwrote it with another plugin.



Currently, you can use shift-ctrl/cmd-v to paste as plain text from the keyboard.

(See also Make optional - Turn on/off paste that converts HTML content to Markdown links .)

Yep! Hotkeys are great for a lot of people. :slight_smile:

I would really like to be able to do it with a mouse.

will be implemented in 0.10.3

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