Add paid ability for obsidian to open notes from your servers not locally (mb selfhosted as option for paranoids)

I believe there’ll never be good sync. The key is there should be only single source of Truth. Let It be your servers. Currently I use Obsidian on my phone from PC. It’s because Obsidian doesn’t support SAF. You’re probably afraid that if it did users would use third party FTP mounts and stuff. if you’re afraid that then your sync will not be paid for - add paid selfhosted backend for obsidian instead of sync. Even though I live in Russia and usually not pay for software if there was such self-hosted backend and obsidian running like Google notes I would pay for it and self-host it. You can host it one of your servers- then users will just have to pay. There are people not against notes being stored on your servers instead of locally.

I am not sure I understand you. I think you are talking about this

If you are not, open a new feature request, follow the template and try be clearer.

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