Add page numbers to PDF export

Use case or problem

After exporting large documents to PDF and then printing them, the pages often get shuffled or reordered through normal use. It can be hard to get the pages back into the correct order because there are no page numbers.

Proposed solution

I request an option on the Export to PDF dialog to add the page number to the footer of the printed pages.

Current workaround (optional)

None. I haven’t found any easy way to insert page numbers into the created PDF without damaging the content (for example, pspdftool can scramble embeds when it inserts numbers).

Related feature requests (optional)

The only related post I found was this one asking if there is a way in CSS to add page numbers, with no resolution:


I agree that this should be a core feature, but in the meantime, can you do this with pandoc?

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Hi Eleanor, thanks for your comment.

I’ve tried using Pandoc a couple of times, but I’ve struggled to get it to handle embeds of any kind, even using the Pandoc export plugin. Embedded images often come up as broken links, and Excalidraw drawings don’t show up at all.

Of course, it’s likely I just don’t understand how to use it correctly! Maybe there’s an export-to-Pandoc-Markdown step I’m missing.


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I would support this request. I tried to figure out how to do this via pandoc, but I found the normal obsidian export does a better job overall than just using the obsidian-pandoc plugin. It would help to be able to indicate things like a TOC or page numbers or the like than to just have an export to PDF with no options available.

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Hi @Craig, I completely agree. I still use pandoc here sometimes, mainly with eisvogel template, but it always messes up with embedded plugins like charts and drawings.

On one hand the core PDF export tool from Obsidian works very well with good visuals but it is not configurable. Pandoc lets us configure almost everything but the current implementation is a little fragile (small changes lead to cryptic error messages) and doesn’t support plugins well (at least on my tests).

So I’d love to see the core PDF export tool supporting headers and footers, for example. Maybe asking for cover and TOC pages is a little too much…


Ditto! I can get Pandoc to generate page numbers but find that embedded figures are poorly managed.