Add Other App Icons

Hi! Just wanted to drop by and ask if there could be extra app icons for the macOS and iOS apps. I know there’s ways to add my own icons on macOS and iOS using shortcuts and stuff, but I thought it’d be nice if there was some official icons also provided. Obsidian is unmatched in its customization and I find it a bit lacking that there isn’t any app icon customization out of the box.

Use case or problem

There’s only one app icon provided in the app.

Proposed solution

Add more app icons to the Obsidian app, either by getting someone to make more or holding a contest to make Obsidian app icons or both. I don’t know the current ways of doing it on Windows and Android.

Current workaround (optional)

Shortcut redirects on iOS and manually changing the app icon on macOS, although they both have annoyances and a bit of a barrier to entry in terms of technical expertise.