Add option to open today’s daily note in preview mode

Use case or problem

I’m not too sure how common it is, but for my daily note I use it as an overview; my tasks, entry to top level knowledge base, recently edited, etc. I typically don’t find myself editing it, and instead use as my homepage. It contains checklists, queries, and embedded internal links.

When I use the hotkey to go to daily notes, it opens the daily note and automatically shows it in an edited view. I have to toggle preview to see my embeds and to check things off. Additionally, if you’re on your daily notes and toggle to preview mode, the notes will go to edit mode. Not too sure if this was intentional.

Proposed solution

Allow users to choose if they want “Open Today” to open daily notes as edit or as preview upon activation.


I’ve edited your title to match the contents of the request a little better. I’m not sure if this will make it to the top list of priorities given that WYSIWYG is more requested than this.

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OMG, couldn’t more agree with you, I use hotkey to open Daily Note very often, Every time it will change my editor to editing mode, it bother me a lot.